District0x Network (DNT) is a group of decentralized commercial centers and networks, also called ‘locale’. Locale exist as decentralized self-governing associations (DAO) on the district0x Network and are based upon d0xINFRAa (standard open source structure included Ethereum keen contracts and front-end libraries). d0xINFRA gives areas the center functionalities required to work an online market or network.

A system of decentralized markets and networks. Make, work, and oversee. Fueled by Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS.

The district0x Network is an open source platform that allows anyone to create a specialized community with their own governance system and interactive features. Districts can be set up for a wide variety of purposes: funding projects through ICOs; creating decentralized organizations; building out your website or social media presence; creating marketplaces for trading goods or tokens; fundraising for nonprofits; or even just creating a communal hub where people can discuss topics they care about.

How does District0x work?

The District0x network consists of several different districts, which can be thought of as smaller communities within the larger ecosystem. Each district has its own governance structure and rules for how it operates, but all of them are connected through the use of DNT tokens (the native token on the district0x network).